Why I wish I was American on Novemeber 4th

For one day I wish I was American. Yes it is true. This is a very big thing for me to say, as usually I never have that much positive to say about America.

As a proud island girl with living in Canada I find myself currently obessing of ways I could just be American for one day so that I could vote. Sadly, I have been rejected by my “American Boy” so I’ll never be afforded the opportunity…but I digress… I’m envious of the opportunity that I’m not able to be a part of change and making history. Instead, I like the rest of the world have to watch history unfold. That feeling really is not the same…so I live vicariously through my American peeps hoping that change is gonna come.

I really hope that people really take the time to exercise their right to vote and make a clear choice to change the course of history and elect the first BLACK man/BLACK family to the white house.
Never before has your voice, your choice mattered more.

…In the meantime I’ll be watching with fingers crossed…

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