Benji Hughes – Why Do these Parties always end the same way

October 20, 2008

Something a little different. Kind of in the same way as a love lockdown or maybe just a lil mobyish. when he was making the classic stuff. I likes it.

DOWNLOAD Benji Hughes – Why Do these Parties Always End the Same Way

Jay Rock feat Lil Wayne

October 20, 2008

New Joint from some kid Jay Rock featuring the feature whore Lil Wayne. He sounds like a lil rick ross. I mess with the track. Got the video and the link after the jump.

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Respect Due

October 20, 2008



Bury Me A G

Damn this sucks. First the Fat Boys break up now this. RIP to the man and peace and blessings to his family. I grew up watching VHS tapes of his movies. Even my first DJ name (signified) was taken from his routines.It’s hard to imagine a greater joy than that of hearing someone called a rat soup eating muthafucka. The world is a less funny place. Some youtube stuff after the jump for the uninformed. Word up though go out and buy the DVDs.  Read the rest of this entry »

Stat Quo – The Sun

October 20, 2008


Some more new stuff off his new mixtape. I mess with this one much more than that last  joint with the terrible chorus. This sounds more like the Stat Quo I’m used to. Link after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »