The Game’s laughing while Jay goes hard (no homo), Nas senses something foul

December 1, 2008
another staring hard at the camera pic

another staring hard at the camera pic

Smooth little track dunno where its from but the kid goes. Name dropping in a more natural fashion, like when the Family Guy ‘manatee’ jokes actually have something to do with the plot and flow of the episode. Yeah, its kind of like that.

Plus Jay adopts someone else’s trend and winds up with mixed results.
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Santogold LIVE! also Chromeo and The Cool Kids

November 20, 2008


The love of my life future baby momma dope ass songtress performing live at the MTV Woodie Awards? What the fuck is a woodie? I thought that was what I got when I looked at her…. All the videos after the jump. thanks to diff kitchen. Woo its a mess with the auto stopping so you gonna have to click the button to stop each video. sorry kids you gotta do some work.

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Santogold – Shove It plus Instrumental

November 19, 2008



Even though I posted this a while ago this is the official version and I threw in the instrumental as well. This song is gonna probably pick up after Jay-Z’s version drops. you heard it here first. we are so ahead of the curve…. link after these messages. Read the rest of this entry »