Sarah Palin gets Punked.

November 2, 2008

I’d been looking for this since I first heard about it so here you go.

haters everywhere we go

October 27, 2008

Already? He hasn’t even won yet jack asses. read the nonsense here.

Saturday Night Live Ferrell and Fey as Bush and Palin.

October 24, 2008

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You know by now how it goes down. It’s Ferrell as Mccain and Fey as Palin. gets no better.

Palin was the Choice

October 24, 2008

A lil spoof of Snoop’s classic Murder was the Case….check check it. We are so unbiased Obama supporters at PDS. Get out and VOTE!!!!!! do it now if possible check for early voting in your state here.

Guess Who’s Back? Pt 2 Terry Tate vs Sarah Palin

October 22, 2008

Terry effing Tate that’s who. If you don’t know about Terry Tate then just watch from the beginning and you’ll get it. Personally I’ve been waiting to see something like this since Mrs. Palin stepped on the scene. The video is after the jump so click and watch for the bumrush at 0:46. Read the rest of this entry »

Saturday Night Live – Couric / Palin

September 28, 2008

My future wife MILF Tina Fey doing her damn thing again….

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McCain’s V.P. selection

September 1, 2008

In his selection of Biden, Barack has shown that he is a strategist, shrewd and savvy. He was able to keep his selection a private matter until he wanted the information released, and his selection demonstrated that he was smart enough to recognize and shore up any perceived weaknesses.  Biden has Washington experience and foreign policy experience, he also brings a good amount of energy for his age and a positive attitude. Read the rest of this entry »