The Fire And Reason

January 1, 2009


I stumbled upon this group through the magic of facebook.  Very dope punk electro group out of NYC. You can check them out on their site or hit the jump and grab a sampler of their music with five songs. I’m convinced you’ll be a fan after that. And bella is crazy hot. hit the link numbnuts….


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Twon NYC

November 18, 2008


Some dope ass designs from the folks at TWON-NYC. Spotted at the beast. They’ll break it down for you but I need this New York joint. I already got the Newport Nikes and that’s too perfect. Check the online shop here. more after the break. Read the rest of this entry »

Chanel Mobile Art Exhibition in Central Park NYC

October 22, 2008

While I personally think it looks dope the article found here gets real hyper critical about the convergence of art fashion and architecture especially in the trying times we are living in. Check the link and more pics after the jump. Read the rest of this entry »