Did Rap Kill The Black Male Singer?

March 17, 2009


lil wayne

Props to my mom for sending this over to me. Word Mama Benhameen dropping knowledge on yall. Definitely a worthy read.

How many of you know who the best selling Black male singer in the world for 2008 was? I bet you’ll never get this right, without a few clues. Well, he’s 50 years old, considered washed up and too controversial to sell, plus the majority of his songs are more than 25 years old. It’s Michael Jackson, who sold more than Usher, Chris Brown, Ne-yo, John Legend, and Seal. The King of Pop sold nearly as many records worldwide as the #1 best-selling artist in the US regardless of race, Lil Wayne, whose genre of hip hop lost 19.8 percent in sales from the previous year. Michael Jackson’s song catalog sold 2.9 million copies with Thriller 25 topping over 2.3 million by itself, plus Michael didn’t even promote it and performed nowhere! Shocking isn’t it! (Lil Wayne sold nearly 3 million)

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