Jay – Z – Jigga My Ninja/ Where I’m From 1-16-09 (Live) plus Can I Live and Ignorant Sh*t

January 21, 2009

What your blog needs is more jay-z.Ok i hate watermarks but since I’m getting jerked now had to do it. SMH. Hit the jump to see him do Can I Live. He hits both songs on the acapella so it’s worth watching even if you’ve seen him a million times. EDIT: BONUS JAY-Z AND FAN ROCKING THE SET. Jay does ignorant shit with Wale playing the role of Memphis Bleek. No shots.

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Jay -Z – My President is Black (Remix)

January 20, 2009

jay3Jay: You know I’m finna murder you on your own track? Jeezy: *adlibs* Yeaaaaaah……

Well here it is. Fuck Dj Vlad while I’m at it. I’ve got no problem with everyone and their momma reposting my video, but when you put it on your “journalism” site and throw your stupid watermark over it and dont give me credit? Eat a Dick. thanks to nahright.


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Jay Smooth vs Random Commenter.

January 5, 2009

Goes in on some commenter who gets aggy cause smooth doesn’t wanna blog about the conflict in the Gaza strip.

Jay-Z – Brooklyn Go Hard

December 1, 2008


okay had to break this down into seperate posts..come on yc. I can’t believe this is the track that I’ve been hearing about since I first said this. First listen I likes just not what I expected. I think it’s time i find out whats going on with the BP3 since all the tracks with features on them have leaked. This is the Santogold song featured here for the slow.

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Jay-Z Interview

November 24, 2008


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Jay – Z Full Length Documentary : He Came He Saw He Conquered

November 2, 2008

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Looks like someone figured out how to post WSH movies….aw shizzie. I still hate their idiot watermark but hey I understand. Bonus Jay tells you to go vote after the jump. thanks to eskay

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