Fight The Power

November 4, 2008

Word. As Stan Lee would say….Nuff Said.

Presidential Debate III

October 16, 2008

For the most part these joints have gone strongly in Obama’s favor, this was the first one where McCain started to show some force, and signs of semi-intelligence so it sparked me to express my thoughts on it.
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What tribe are you? or Michelle Obama the Horse

October 1, 2008

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Okay, I can’t wait to get that old so I can keep it real in the same way I do now, but not get the same harassment for my honesty, meals served to me three times a day, and have my adult diaper changed so there’s no longer any reason to rush to the bathroom.

And I guess I’m really late but I really didn’t know Mrs O had an AyAasss™ like that! She is a boulder holder. Guess that’s what I get for looking at women in the eyes when they speak and not oogling them like I’m supposed to.

Prez Debate Viewing/YC B’day 08

September 29, 2008

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McCain’s V.P. selection

September 1, 2008

In his selection of Biden, Barack has shown that he is a strategist, shrewd and savvy. He was able to keep his selection a private matter until he wanted the information released, and his selection demonstrated that he was smart enough to recognize and shore up any perceived weaknesses.  Biden has Washington experience and foreign policy experience, he also brings a good amount of energy for his age and a positive attitude. Read the rest of this entry »

Democratic National Convention Round-up

September 1, 2008

Michelle Obama’s Speech

There have been a lot of people on the news networks praising and panning Michelle Obama’s speech. Those who have harsh words about her speech are claiming that she did not highlight what his plans for the country are and what he will do to better the country. BARACK’s speech should address all of that, Michelle’s speech was appropriate for a First Lady but she is not the president. Read the rest of this entry »