Video: Nature [Documentary Snippet]

May 22, 2009


Here is a snippet from Nature’s upcoming documentary by Q-Butta Productions. I wonder what it would be like if he, Nas, AZ and Foxy hooked up for a Firm reunion in this day an age.

Spotted on 57thAve

Video: KRS-One & Buckshot – Robot [Terminator Salvation Trailer]

May 21, 2009

Above is a trailer for Terminator Salvation with Kris and Buckshot’s “Robot” joint. Terminator Salvation in theaters today. Kris and Buckshots upcoming joint album Survival Skills coming soon.

Public Enemies (TRAILER)

May 20, 2009

Did ya’ll see my segue? One Public Enemies trailer to another? I know this has been out for a minute but hey I needed the connection. Plus this movie looks to be the best of the summer. This and Basterds that is.

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May 20, 2009

This is one of the better Superman/Batman comics to hit the stands in the last ten years and now it gets the animated treatment. Hopefully it stands up to the book, but in general….DC animation > Marvel animation

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May 20, 2009

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Quinton and the boys release the first trailer from the upcoming flick. Why are you not watching? Two more after the jump.

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Terminator: Salvation (FOUR MIN TRAILER)

May 12, 2009

I’ve got high hopes for this as the best action flick of the summer. I’ve heard even Ahnuld makes a return for this one.

Kobe Doin Work (TRAILER)

May 4, 2009

Kobe Bryant and Spike Lee came together to make this documentary on a day in the life of number 24. Debuts on ESPN on May 16th with no commercials so set the DVR’s. After the jump we have a bit of an interview with Spike about the film.

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G.I. Joe: The Rise of the Cobra Official Trailer [HD]

May 2, 2009

This is pretty much almost like the one you have probably seen that was released awhile ago, but Paramount just released this version in way much better quality yesterday. The movie already began production in February and will be released in theaters August 7th. I’ve been waiting for the longest for this movie and I am looking foward to this when it is finally complete.

One Eyed Monster (Trailer)

May 2, 2009

Yeah it’s exactly what it sounds like. Well actually it isn’t but ahh eff it just watch. shouts to mr. pap for the heads up.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (TRAILER)

May 1, 2009


Looks pretty dope. Of course my inability to stop auto-play continues so after the jump the trailer and before….well.

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Halloween 2 (Trailer)

April 28, 2009

Damn they still making these Halloween movies? This is the full trailer in HD of Rob Zombie’s Halloween sequel, H2 which comes out August 28th.

Facing Ali (TRAILER)

April 27, 2009

Damn so in one year we are getting a Tyson documentary and yet another Ali film? Dope.

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G.I. Joe – Resolute (Full Length Movie)

April 25, 2009

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One of my favorite authors of all time, Warren Ellis, was recently hired to write a G.I. Joe animated movie. The result is G.I. JOE: RESOLUTE, an hour long animated film, broken into ten 5-minute episodes and one 10-minute final episode. The first three parts are below, with the whole thing airing on Cartoon Network tonight at 11:59 eastern time. Warning this ain’t your older brother’s GI Joe, with two main characters getting killed in the first ten minutes and more death and destruction than was contained in the entire 80’s series. Knowing is half the battle.  EDITHey since we’re wicked f**king awesome here we went and got the whole hour long movie after the jump. Broken down into ten nice little Youtube segments.

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This Day Sucks Demo (VIDEO)

April 25, 2009

Described as being: “Seinfeld meets Yo!MTV Raps. Intelligent urban entertainment [packaged in an] animated short film birthed in the spirit of Golden Age Hip-hop.” The story needs some work but the detailing is hilariously spot-on. You can tell these cats really know and love their hip hop. [via Asya]

I’m too hungover to add more but stolen without remorse from the kitchen.

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Subway Art: 25th Anniversary Edition (VIDEO)

April 21, 2009