Video: Man Charged in Dolla Murder

May 21, 2009

Dang so they already have a guy in custody for Dolla’s murder. Dolla, a 23 year-old artist on Akon’s label was gunned down early Monday morning.

Los Angeles County prosecutors filed murder charges this afternoon against a 23-year-old Georgia promoter who is accused of fatally shooting up-and-coming rapper Dolla at the Beverly Center.

Aubrey Louis Berry faces a single felony count of murder and two counts of assault with a firearm in the death of Dolla, whose real name is Roderick Anthony Burton II. He is scheduled to appear for arraignment later this afternoon in a downtown Los Angeles courtroom.

If convicted, Berry faces a maximum sentence of life in prison with the possibility of parole. He is being held on $1.1-million bail.

Michael Vick Released from Jail

May 20, 2009


I am sure most of you all know that Michael Vick was released from doing his 19 month bid for being the ring leader of his various dog death matches. He was released this morning from Leavenworth, Kananas., around 5 a.m this morning. He now reports to his Hampton Va home to complete 2 months of house arrest with the next 3 years of probation. I wonder how his return to the NFL will pan out. ESPN Reports

Vick’s agent said Tuesday that the quarterback “will place football on the back burner” during his immediate home confinement and that there are no meetings scheduled with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to discuss reinstatement for the 2009 season.

“Michael’s looking forward to reacquainting himself with his family, his fiancée, Kiafa, his children and his mom,” Joel Segal, Vick’s agent, said. “When he gets home, that’s his priority, along with reinserting himself into society and being a positive influence in his community. This is going to be a special time for him, just being around family.”

If he does return to the NFL, he needs to be a Redskin.  After the jump, catch one of his incidents that had him behind bars in the first place.

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Video: Alleged Jim Jones Fight on Tape

May 20, 2009

I can’t really make out if this is that same incident or if that is even Jim Jones, but it sure looks like Jimmy. An alleged footage of Jim Jones’ altercation with a fan during Spring Break 2009 caught on tape a few months ago. It appears Jimmy was playing the peace maker and breakin up the fight as oppose to being in it. Jimmy just recently announced he is pleading not guilty in this fuckery.

Officer Rawse Busted in Atlanta??

April 10, 2009

Word has is that Ricky was busted at a tattoo parlor in Atlanta this past Tuesday. It’s been reported that Ricky and his goonies were at the City of Ink getting inked up when the cops raided the place without a proper search warrant. This basically had Ross and members of his entourage held hostage for over 2 hours. It was later reported that they let Ross go, but the officers arrested 2 members from his entourage. This sounds like some here say, but obviously this is funny regardless.

Jim Jones Shows off Louie Vuitton Studio

April 8, 2009

Looking at this video, you can clearly tell this studio was in fact NOT endorsed by Louis Vuitton. I am sure if they ever come across this video, they would probably have a fit.

Speaking of Jimmy, he was in fact arrested on outstanding traffic warrants early Monday morning, which I happen to have read as it was going down via his twitter. He was released on a $120 bail.

Flesh-N-Bone Arrested on Gun Charges

April 3, 2009

0403_fleshnbone_bn1TMZ and XXL  is reporting that Flesh N Bone from Bone Thugs & Harmony was arrested yesterday in Santa Clarita, CA on gun charges. The cops found the burner in his vehicle and is currently still behind bars without bail. Flesh has a history with gun charges dating back in 2000 when he was hit with an assault charge with a AK-47. He was sentence to do a 12 year bid, but was released in July 2008 only serving 8. This guy is pretty much done.

Andre 3000 Arrested for Wreckless Driving

March 30, 2009


Andre 3000 was arrested early Saturday morning on I-75  in Henry County, GA.  He was on his way to a birthday party doing 109 mph in a 65 mph zone in his 2007 Porsche Carrera. The boys arrested him for speeding doing 44 mph over the speed limit. reports:

He checked that speed on his laser device which showed 109 miles per hour,” Capt. Jason Bolton of the Henry County Police told Channel 2’s Tom Jones.

“Traveling that fast along I-75, you’re passing vehicles almost like they’re standing still. And it’s an accident waiting to happen.”

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Akon’s Employee Robbed by Suge’s Peoples

March 25, 2009


It’s been reported earlier today that the employee of Akon who was robbed at gunpoint in his home last night is claiming that it’s over money a money dispute from Suge Knight. TMZ reported:

Christoper Walker tells us at about 3:00 AM five men broke into his home with guns and said they were there to collect a debt on behalf of Suge Knight. They claimed Detail owed Suge money, and then proceeded to collect on the debt.

Walker says Detail was asleep in one of the bedrooms. The men entered the bedroom but did not get Detail out of bed. Instead, they stole $170,000 worth of jewelry from his room.

Walker adds they demanded a key to the safe and said they would kill all four people in the house if they didn’t get it. The robbers didn’t get the key — instead, they took the 130 pound safe.

Walker says they also took stereo equipment and a key to a Mercedes. He claims the total heist was more than $200,000. A police source tells us it’s more like $300,000.

Damn Suge is not fucking around. This whole money dispute fuckery is also believed to be what sparked the incident when Suge got knocked out by Akon’s manager during All-Star Weekend last month as well as the home robbery last night. If Detail, the guy who knocked Suge out was in the house, I was surprised he did not get a beat down during the robbery. That’s what I would of done.

Kanye West Hit with 3 Charges

March 18, 2009

Funny how I just literally saw this on TMZ on television just a few moments ago. Who would ever thought you could get in so much trouble for breaking cameras? Yeezy just got hit with 3 misdemeanor charges; vandalism, battery, and grand theft from this run in with TMZ at LAX back in Sept of last year. Ye’s manager Don Crowley faces charges as well of two counts each of vandalism, battery, and grand theft.

The two head to court April 14th. Ye faces 2 1/2 years and his manager faces 5 years if they are convicted. I myself head to court April 21st. I’m facing 20-30 days in jail. But who gives a fuck about me right? Riiight.

DipSet Affiliate has Altercation with the Police, Ends in Tragedy

March 18, 2009


A Dipset affiliate by the name of King Tut ended his life last night in NYC by shooting himself in the head in front of police. Apparently Tut, the member of the 730 Dips has been wanted by police for stabbing a woman last month just hours after he left jail for a drug arrest. Police spotted Tut last night leaving a hotel into a cab. Once the cab was stopped and Tut was surrounded by police, Tut decided he had just about enough and shot himself in the head. He’s not wanted anymore.

Spotted at Sixshot