May 25, 2009


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He lost all his coins!!!!

Eminem: “Whiteout” [XXL Mag Outake]

May 20, 2009


Em as Joker > Em as Punisher

Here are some out takes from XXL’s current issue with Marshall on the cover. A few white Hip Hop artists and producers discussed why they feel Em is not the greatest MC in the game because of the color of his skin. If you ask me, I would rank Eminem high in that category but not the greatest MC of all time. However I do believe the color of his skin does play a role in why a lot of people hate on the guy. Yes his voice and subject matter can be annoying and old, but respect this guy’s music, his catalog and what he has done for Hip Hop.

Read what others have to say in the outakes after the jump.

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Video: Ciara’s Men Fitness Photoshoot

April 17, 2009

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here is some eye candy footage from Ciara’s Men’s Fitness magazine photoshoot for their May issue.

Rick Ross, Under Oath XXL Interview (Outtakes)

April 15, 2009


Earlier this week XXLmag.com posted up some outtakes of the interview with Officer Rawse that did not make the print for the current May issue. I just got around to reading it and I must say it was pretty interesting and funny. No wonder why this did not make the cut. It was all about the whole Curtis, C.O. fuckery that nobody really gives two shits about now. An excerpt is below:

XXL: It kinda affects the music if a fan sees a conflict between, oh he was a correctional officer but he’s talking about this big drug lifestyle that he lived.

Ross: I mean, how do you describe a mobster? How tall are they? How fat are they? What do they do during the daytime? Where do they eat? Where do they go? What do they drive? Do they drive Lambourghinis? I mean, at some point you have to realize I’m doing a lotta things out here. I’m putting my life on the line and I don’t give a fuck. I have no fear of none of these bitch ass niggas. None of these monkeys. I will terminate them. I have no fear. And at some point, my music will… you know, lames won’t. But I’m not tryna convince anybody. I’m doing me.

FEATURE: Rick Ross, Under Oath

None of these monkeys? Really Ricky??

So his Deeper Than Rap album leaked and last night I had the chance to listen to it in it’s entirety. Shoutout to my homie Randy for a solid album review of Deeper Than Rap, which was basically my exactly thoughts on it as well. The album is decent, but expected better. Maybe my expectations for albums these days are pretty high, but unlike some of you all, I do not shit on the album if those expectations are not met. I’m just saying the best tracks on the album in my opinion at least, have already leaked days/weeks ago.

Cam’ron’s VIBE Feature May Issue

April 14, 2009


You can catch it in the May issue with Rihanna on the cover which hit stands next Tuesday, April 21st. KILLA!!

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Busta Rhymes Straight Stuntin Cover

April 14, 2009



Tahiry’s Interview w/ XXLMag.com

April 8, 2009


“so if I have a buzz, we have a buzz”

Man due to the last few posts, this site is actually starting to look more like an eye candy site. Anywho, XXLmag.com sat down with Joe Budden’s wifey, Tahiry Jose for an interview and she speaks on how she got the KING cover as well as all this buzz she has gotten since her cameos in JoeBuddenTV.  Below is a part from the interview which I thought was quite funny. Oh and that picture above obviously deserves a post.

XXL: Does your butt really have a bigger buzz than Joe?

T: No. My boyfriend is extremely talented I don’t know that my butt has a bigger buzz, but you know I don’t even know how to answer that question to be quite honest with you. To me it’s not about the buzz, my boyfriend is extremely talented, he’s fucking great and as far as my butt, that’s just a line when they [Joe and Saigon] were beefin’. He just wanted to go and try and diss him. But I don’t even know how to answer that. I don’t think so. I think Joey and me are together, so if I have a buzz, we have a buzz.

Great answer TeeTee. So is Joey and Tahiry the new Ice-T & CoCo? You better cop both issues of KING come April 21st.

Keyshia Cole’s Final KING Magazine Cover

April 8, 2009


Here is the other cover for KING’s  final issue with my wife. I was going to update the other cover’s post with this one, but of course my wife deserves her own post. Props to Tahiry and Keyshia Cole!!

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Tahiry’s Final KING Magazine Cover

April 8, 2009


I am still in shocked that King Magazine is dead and gone after this month. Above Joe Budden’s girl, Tahiry graces 1 of the 2 covers for King Magazine’s final issue ever.  Pretty good, but random choice considering she has the internets going nuts just off her few clips on Joe’s video vlogs alone.

Anyways, MY WIFE is set to cover the other cover of Kings final issue.

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