Michael Vick Released from Jail


I am sure most of you all know that Michael Vick was released from doing his 19 month bid for being the ring leader of his various dog death matches. He was released this morning from Leavenworth, Kananas., around 5 a.m this morning. He now reports to his Hampton Va home to complete 2 months of house arrest with the next 3 years of probation. I wonder how his return to the NFL will pan out. ESPN Reports

Vick’s agent said Tuesday that the quarterback “will place football on the back burner” during his immediate home confinement and that there are no meetings scheduled with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to discuss reinstatement for the 2009 season.

“Michael’s looking forward to reacquainting himself with his family, his fiancée, Kiafa, his children and his mom,” Joel Segal, Vick’s agent, said. “When he gets home, that’s his priority, along with reinserting himself into society and being a positive influence in his community. This is going to be a special time for him, just being around family.”

If he does return to the NFL, he needs to be a Redskin.  After the jump, catch one of his incidents that had him behind bars in the first place.

7 Responses to Michael Vick Released from Jail

  1. benhameen says:

    lol who let the dogs out?

  2. Tini says:

    lol that’s a horrible video :-/.. had to laugh tho.

  3. Justin says:

    I’m feeling the new layout, but what I’m NOT feeling is the comment…

    If he does return to the NFL, he needs to be a Redskin.

    Because I respect the site, I won’t expose my true feelings about “that” team.

  4. benhameen says:

    Lol say what you feel. and who did your layout I was just looking at it. Shit I say it on the mic every saturday at Love.

    Fuck the Cowboys and Fuck the Redskins.

  5. Big Homie says:

    Justin applaud your site. THAT is EXACTLY how I wanted this site for our new layout. The post area, the font, color of links (blue) and even the sidebars how you have everything arranged.

    Been that’s it. Simple yet eye catching.

  6. Justin says:

    Ben, Big Homie, I definitely respect the movement yall have going on over here and wish nothing but the best in the future.

    Any help I can provide, feel free to let me know. I most certainly appreciate the positive comments. Keep grinding forward homies.

    Ben…enough with that Fuck the Cowboys nonsense lol.

  7. Big Homie says:

    Thanks Justing much appreciated

    Yea we were trying to figure out a layout a few weeks ago and I sent Ben and YC a lil designed I created that basically looked like how you have your site. I thought that was crazy

    Oh and just noticed you did not like that comment huh? SKINS all day.

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