Video: Max B & French Montana with PMS Radio

May 15, 2009

“Asher Roth sold more than Jim Jones..haha”

PMS Radio was in the studio with Max B. and French Montana. The footage is kinda dark, but this contains so many quotables while the most waviest music of all floods the background. Oh and not to mention that screen shot is priceless. *DEAD*

Video: Gucci Mane Live at D.C. Star (5/8/09)

May 15, 2009

Gucci invaded DC last Friday and performed at the D.C. Star here in DC for Big G’s birthay celebration. The footage capture is pretty decent, but the sound quality really is not that well. But then again, it was at the D.C. Star so what do you expect?

T.I. – All Night (Tags)

May 15, 2009


Another new track from Clifford but with tags. Speaking of Cliff, he reports to the bing no later then noon May 26th to serve his one year and a day time behind he bars stemming from his charge of purchasing Rambo’s guns. According to TMZ, he will be spending his time in general population in Forrest City, Arkansas. Tiny, keep your head up.

T.I. – All Night (Tags)

Video: Sean Price is Armed

May 15, 2009


Dru Ha at the office, back from Sha Money’s One Stop Shop Producer’s Conference in Pheonix, AZ, delivers a stack of beat CDs to Sean Price who is finishing his KIMBO PRICE Mix CD, and getting to work on his Mic Tyson album, a new Heltah Skeltah album, and another Boot Camp Clik LP. To all producers who attended Sha Money’s event and gave material to Dru Ha, know you now have an opportunity to place a track on Sean Price’s upcoming projects!

Maybe I’m just a Boot Camp Click stan and fuck with Sean hard (pause), but random thought of the night, Sean would demolish both Meth and Budden in a battle. I think I am going to play this for the rest of the night. Who’s the most brokest rapper you know?

Mya – Blackout (Rihanna Demo)

May 15, 2009


Of course listening to the lyrics of this song about domestic violence you can clearly tell this was a demo that Mya recorded for Rihanna. I would love for Rihanna to actually decide to do this and release it her version.

Mya – Blackout (Rihanna Demo)

Lil Wayne – Revolver (Reference Track)

May 15, 2009


The snippet we posted a few weeks ago was titled “Triggerman” and everybody was told it will be featuring Madonna, but come to find out it is not her that is on this track. I should of known since the snippet just had Weezy’s verse.  This is a full version, but with a little bit of tags courtesy from Pigeons & Planes. Personally, I would of prefered or hope they add Madonna. That would be pretty ill. This is just a reference track until the finalized version is released.

Lil Wayne – Revolver (Reference Track)

Spotted at 2DopeBoyz

Kanye West ft. Tony Williams & Young Jeezy – Amazing (Remix)

May 15, 2009


The R&B singer Tony Williams so happens to be Kanye’s cousin. If he looks familiar he has been touring with Kanye and has done plenty of shows with him. If he sounds familiar, he was the guy behind the vocals on Kanye’s “We Major” as well as Yeezy’s big brother Jay’s Obama inspired track, “History”. Here Tony links up with Yeezy and Jeezy’s “Amazing” with a dope remix. Keep a look out for his debut album, King or the Fool which will be dropping on G.O.O.D. Music Label sometime this year. In the meantime, hit up Tony’s blog.

Kanye West ft. Tony Williams & Young Jeezy – Amazing (Remix)

Props to YK2 for the track and the info.

Videos: Method Man & Redman A-List Radio + Emilio Sparks Interviews

May 15, 2009

Album just leaked and I have been banging their Blackout 2 album like crazy. Make sure you all go cop that album next Tuesday. Is it just me or is this Method Man vs Joe Budden that started yesterday already getting old. Isnt it self-explanatory that Meth is a better artist and Joey is a better rapper. When it comes down to a head to head battle, Joey got the lyrics, imo.

Above is both their interviews with Dj Enuff on A-List Radio. After the jump they both each chop it up with Emilio Sparks pormoting their album.

Spotted at Nahright

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Dame Dash vs. Def Jam: The Final Chapter (VIDEO)

May 15, 2009

In this final installment of the Dame Dash vs Def Jam segment from the I Am Choke No Joke documentary, Choke give his side of what lead up to the Def Jam marketing meeting for Jay-Z . Choke No Joke claims that he realized there was a split between the Roc-A-Fella CEO’s when Damon Dash asked him to videotape a Jay-Z concert in Puerto Rico.It would be Choke No Joke first time working with Jay-Z alone during his time at Roc-A-Fella.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

B.o.B. aka Bobby Ray Does Reebok

May 15, 2009

Vodpod videos no longer available.

WOW and this is a Footlocker promo too. I remember working as a manager at the store part-time after the office 9-5 gig back in the day. I hated it, but enjoyed the discount of course and getting over-paid for a few hours in the evening not doing a damn thing but drinking beer at the food court and watching movies in the back . Unfortunately, them fuckers got rid of me do to lack of hours because the economy is “fucked the fuck up” (c) Dallaspenn.

Bobby Ray above is the latest edition for Reeboks Reebok Classic Remix along with Kid Sister and Kidz in the Hall.

On May 21st, Bobby Ray (Rebel Rock/Grand Hustle/Atlantic Records) will be the third artist in the series to re-interpret a classic song, which will be announced on May 21st. The new track will be available for download exclusively to customers who purchase styles from the Reebok Classic Remix collection, at Foot Locker stores nationwide.

Spotted at the homie Rizoh’s spot.

The Drought is Over: Drake Edition (MIXTAPE)

May 15, 2009


While most of the stuff on here is lil old there are definitely some new gems to get you ready for tommorow. Drake is at Club Love just in case you live under a rock. That’s awesome. For DMV residents. Hit the jump for the link and the tracklisting. Nuff respect due to my new favorite lady of the web, Ms. Civil.

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Asher Roth & The Roots – Be By Myself (Jimmy Fallon Live)

May 15, 2009

Performing “Be By Myself” on Jimmy Fallon Live last night. Of course backed up by the Roots. I wonder if he chilled with some nappy headed hoes afterwards. Asleep in the Bread Aisle in stores now.

Premiered by Yardie

Rick Ross ft. Magazeen on Late Show With David Letterman (5.15.09)

May 15, 2009

Last night on David Letterman Officer Rawse performs “Yacht Club” featuring Magazeen on David Letterman. Thank you Lord for not having this guy take his shirt off. Deeper Than Rap in stores now.