Kanye West’s Lost Spaceship Video Pics


GLC just sent over Meka some still shots of the never released video of Kanye’s “Spaceship” video from his first album, College Dropout. One of the joints off the album that I was anticipating a video for since it’s one of my all time favorite gems from Yeezy. Apparently the video directed by Chris Milk was literally lost in space and never saw light of day when it was originally suppose to be the last video from this album. Hopefully someday this video is released. It wouldnt surpise me if it’s in a few years like a lot of these old vintage videos from back in the day (sometimes a decade) that are just recently now being unleashed. More still shots of the lost video after the jump. I like that Esther Baxter shot in pic #4 by the way. Wowers!!








Spotted at them 2 dope boyz

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