Kobe Doin Work (TRAILER)

Kobe Bryant and Spike Lee came together to make this documentary on a day in the life of number 24. Debuts on ESPN on May 16th with no commercials so set the DVR’s. After the jump we have a bit of an interview with Spike about the film.

SportsRadioInterviews: On how much coverage he got from the Lakers organization, Kobe and Phil Jackson:

“Oh we had complete access. We had thirty cameras. Kobe wore a mic. And Phil Jackson allowed us to bring a camera into the locker room before the game, halftime, and after the game. Phil Jackson never does that.”

On how much editing the Lakers or the NBA did demanded?

“There was not any change suggested. And also, the method of broadcast, when it comes out on the DVD that’s out on Tuesday – it will be uncensored so there’s a lot of language. You really get a feel for what these guys are saying out there. And they’re not mincing words either.”

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