Joe Budden TV: 6 in the Mornin’

“How is pussy a prize? What the fuck. Oh my God. Tahiry. Pussy is not a birthday gift nigga. Its not a holiday. Its not a prize. Im not a winner”.

Not only this was a great topic that I use to relate too, but it was mad funny and the camera was on her the entire time. Anyways, I remember Joey and Tahiry tweeting each other back and forth the following day regarding this issue. I guess he decided to video tape the discussion. Joey goes to the gentlemen’s clubs, comes home mad late and wants to get his smashy smash on while drunk and horny. Tahirty doesn’t want to give it up because she feels guys can’t get it whenever they want especially if they fuck up. Is that right?? Discuss

“You’re gonna go to sleep and wake up with a dick in you. and you gonna know. So if it didnt tickle, you wouldnt know”

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