Chester French have come together to create the FREE downloadable album that we are proud to feature right here. If you want more info on the album check out their site or hit the jump for the tracklist. I’ve been bumping this album since I got it, and it amazes me that they put this out and have an album coming out later on this month, Love The Future on April 21st, and still have enough material to put out this amazing record. First of all Jimmy Choos is going to be a smash for them once they release the official single, the break in the middle of the record is just incredible. As far as tracks exclusive to this mixtape,  Campus Kingpin is a stand out track on this cd, with Pusha T murdering it as usual. Nerd Girl further solidifies my crush on Janelle Monae and could easily be my theme song. The Endurance skits tying the whole CD together are pretty funny as well, and I really like how they tell the whole story of the band through the songs and interludes. Look I’m no music reviewer, download this joint and listen. If you don’t like it you must be deaf. Shit is incredible. 




1. Welcome to Jacques Jams, Vol 1: Endurance
CHAPTER 1: Starting A Band
2. Two Mans starring Solange
3. Skit: “Sick Party”
4. No Parents Allowed starring N.O.R.E. & Kardinal Offishall
5. Out At The Compound
CHAPTER 2: Trying To Be Cool
6. Skit: “Chloe Jones” starring Cassie
7. The Jimmy Choos
8. Campus Kingpin starring Pusha-T of The Clipse
9. I’m So Tall starring Bun B., Talib Kweli & Mickey Factz
CHAPTER 3: Realizing Being A Nerd Is Cool
10. Skit: “E-piphany”
11. Nerd Girl starring Janelle Monae
12. Skit: “Going to LA, Holmes”
CHAPTER 4: Arriving In LALA Land
13. Skit: “It’s All For You”

14. What A World with Common (Produced by Pharrell Williams)

15. She Loves Everybody
16. Skit: “Get Familiar” starring Ben Lyons & Clinton Sparks
17. Ciroc Star starring Diddy & Jadakiss
18. Skit: “Mad Rapper”
19. Lady GaGa “Love Game” (Exclusive Chester French Remix)
CHAPTER 5: Becoming A Douche Bag
20. Skit: “Losing Yourself”
21. I’m Sorry starring Wale
22. Skit: “Endurance Lost”
23. Life in LA starring Pharrell Williams & Jermaine Dupri
CHAPTER 6: Regaining Your Hard On
24. C’mon (On My Own)



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