Kehinde Wiley : The World Stage Pt. 3 Brazil



As seen at arrested motion. Kehinde is an amazing artist and if you haven’t heard of him then you need too. Click on his name and check out his gallery feauring beautiful portraits of Kane, Big, Salt n Pepa and quite a few others. Peep Doogie Howser in the pic after the jump. If any of our readers are in Brazil let me know how it is to see these in person.




The Kehinde Wiley show opened last night to a packed house at Roberts & Tilton in the Culver City Art District.  This show focused on the third segment of his “World Stage” project where Wiley immerses himself in the culture of a country by taking residence there and “street-casting” it’s inhabitants.  In his signature style, Wiley asked the young people of Rio de Janeiro in their everyday clothes to assume poses found in sculptures that lined the streets and parks of the city.  He then painted them with a Western style portraiture technique against a backdrop of indigenous textiles and flowers.

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