Jim Jones Documentary Pt. 4 (Dipset/Roc-A-Fella)

Above is a preview of chapter 4 of Jim Jones’  This Is Jim Jones Documentary where it covers what I believe was probably the main thing that started the colliding heads between Jay and the Dip Set over at the ROC. Yes, Jay did not agree on Dame’s thought of making Cam, VP, but this right here is some jack move. Talking about jackin for beats.

In the film’s climactic moment, the story (from Jim’s point of view) behind Cam’s megahit “Oh Boy” is told. The “Oh Boy” beat (by Just Blaze) was allegedly intended for Jay-Z, and the “H to the Izzo” beat (by Kanye West) was originally bought by Cam’ron. According to the film, Kanye backtracked and gave his beat to Jay. Cam’ron then took the “Oh Boy” beat and murdered it (with Juelz), so Jay decided to jump on it with a feature. Cam heard Jay’s verse, deemed it wack, and made sure it didn’t see the light of day. According to Dame Dash, Jay then made moves to separate himself from his Harlem label affiliates (in addition to allegedly not letting them put their records out and not signing off on their budgets).

Yes this is something we all already knew, but just watching this is still crazy. No wonder these guys weren’t happy over there. Read the rest of the write ups on the other chapters from Jones’ documentary over at DrJays.com


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