Flesh-N-Bone Arrested on Gun Charges

0403_fleshnbone_bn1TMZ and XXL  is reporting that Flesh N Bone from Bone Thugs & Harmony was arrested yesterday in Santa Clarita, CA on gun charges. The cops found the burner in his vehicle and is currently still behind bars without bail. Flesh has a history with gun charges dating back in 2000 when he was hit with an assault charge with a AK-47. He was sentence to do a 12 year bid, but was released in July 2008 only serving 8. This guy is pretty much done.

4 Responses to Flesh-N-Bone Arrested on Gun Charges

  1. It would’ve been funnier had this happened on April 1st…

    It’s the first of the monnnnth…wake up, wake up…

  2. collegescholar says:

    wow.. just wow..

    what the fuck flesh? your a big let down man. For Real.

  3. mikee says:

    flesh is not a let down

    he’s thuggin

  4. Anonymous says:

    fuck u

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