Keith Murray & Canibus Joint Album??

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Erick Sermon talks with MTV’s Mixtape Mondays and reveals that there is a Keith Murray and Canibus album in the woodworks and that he will be supplying some beats for the joint album. Sermon says the two promise that the project will be strictly underground and that the concepts will be mad random for example, Canibus even raps from a perspective of the AIDS virus. Sermon says:

“What happened was, I think Keith Murray and Canibus were doing shows [and came up with the idea],” Sermon explained. “They’ve been doing shows for the last six months back and forth. I guess somebody stepped to them about putting something together. They called me to do the album. I think they’re two songs deep so far, but it’s kinda ill to hear them. Keith Murray is out-there, lyrically, and now Canibus is a step way further out-there than he is. It’s a dope mixture.”


3 Responses to Keith Murray & Canibus Joint Album??

  1. benhameen says:

    hmm could be interesting. or straight trash.

  2. Killa Mc Nilla says:

    Dope! Congrats M-Eighty.

  3. HipHopHead says:

    This is really big news!…. Canibus has been putting in madd work… he’s also supposed to drop his solo joints, C of Tranquility and Rip The Jacker Infinity this year… also he made an album with the Sharpshootaz thats supposed to be released soon and i heard a rumor that he was doing an album with Kool G Rap… Bus Gets Busy!!!!

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