Kanye West to Launch International Tour


We all heard Yeezy talk about doing this tour for awhile but it was just recently announced that he will embark on an International tour promoting his  808’s & Hearbreak albumThe tour will launch in Europe first sometime this summer and makes it’s way over here in the U.S. by this fall.

“The last one was done because I didn’t feel like doing a rap show, because of all I was going through in my life. All I felt like was playing with ‘Star Wars’ (toys) and being Luke Skywalker. So I figured you know, ‘I’ll do a rap show if I can just be like Luke Skywalker every night.’ And so I just wrote my own sci-fi and played in it.”

Ye has made plans to get the same people that helped with the set up and staging at his Glow in the Dark tour including The Jim Henson Company and Spike Jonze, who directed Ye’s next video”See You In My Nightmares” .  I just found out recently Jonze is also the director of the upcoming movie “Where the Wild Things Are” .

It was last May when I took my sister to the Glow in the Dark tour for her birthday and the show was amazing. I talked about it for weeks and planned on seeing the same exact show twice. I would probably have to say one of the top 5 shows I have been to ever and that’s saying alot considering I’ve been to a shit load of shows. I’m definitely looking foward to this.

No dates and exact locations have been announced yet, but I will keep you informed.

One Response to Kanye West to Launch International Tour

  1. benhameen says:

    I am not missing this show. no way no how.

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