Walking Through the Blackberry Niagara 9630

It may look like the Bold, but it’s not. Imagine emerging the Bold with the Curve into one. I am such a phone gadget whore it’s not even funny. This is the new Blackberry Niagara 9630 and this video will not only walk you through it, but will let you know that it is NOT called the “Blackberry Magic”. I just got done reading the review over at BGR and it sounds like this will be that phone that everybody has been waiting for. Like I said before, always … Blackberry > iPhone

Check out the review & picsBlackberry 9630 Review Part 1 (Part 2 will be up when this phone launches.

We went through this with the Storm review and we told most of you to wait for the 9630. Most of you didn’t listen and you’re bitching everyday about your Storm. It’s ok, we’re here to help. Basically, to you know, not beat around the bush. Verizon + 9630 = the best BlackBerry experience on the planet.


4 Responses to Walking Through the Blackberry Niagara 9630

  1. benhameen says:

    WHEN??? the curve is going back to the store!!

  2. Big Homie says:

    You got the internet back up? It was saying probably June around summertime, but with Verizon first. I have Sprint. Fock.

  3. Dana Dane says:

    i’m glad i didn’t run out and get the storm. i’ll rock with my old 8830 til sprint gets one comparable to the 9630…

  4. benhameen says:

    I GOT VERIZON AND THE INTERNET IS BACK B! welcome back guess whos back and hes stunting on you….

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