Book: Arcieri Keness – GODSPEED


My homie Arcieri Kenness is a Hip Hop artist and a writer/poet straight out of Balitmore. He recently inked a publishing deal and just release his first book, GODSPEED. I was wondering why this guy has been M.I.A. for the past year. Anyways, this book is full of his own written poetry and thoughts and is currently in stores at Barnes & Nobles. For the backcover, more information and how to purchase your copy online, hit the jump. Congrats Arcieri!!


Arcieri says:

My book is a book of Poerty x Thoughts. The book is a deep yet easy read and is the first of my soon to be three book series. However, “GODSPEED” touches on things I’ve been through, and I used writing as a coping method. I landed a publishing deal from the company loving my work and they signed me right away. So, I just think the book isn’t too much and you can read it over and over. Also the book is sort of dark, because I wrote a lot of it when I was in some pretty sad times in my life… from lost loved one’s to ending relationships. All I really want to say, honestly… is give it a read and you’ll gain a lot from it. The book has a deeper meaning in the content for those that have a deeper mind.

Purchase the book at Barnes & Noble online or Amazon online

Be sure to check out his blog and his Twitter


One Response to Book: Arcieri Keness – GODSPEED

  1. Yes, it’s one of the three books I’m releasing 😉

    We in the hooouse!!

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