Jim Jones Calling A Truce with Cam’ron?

dipset_preview“So if Cam is listening, maybe we can sit down and get some business together and…give the people what they want.” – Jim Jones

Yesterday, Jim Jones stopped by H0t 97 just a day before his Pray IV Reign album drops as well as the day before he goes to court and  admitted on the air with Funk Flex that a phone conversation in fact did take place with Cam’ron awhile back.  During the Flex interview, Capo reached out his hand for a truce and make amends with Killa. I don’t know, but somebody is/was lying here.

I think a Dipset reunion would be cool, but we all know them good ol’ Dipset days are long and gone now. I’m looking foward to Cam’s response on this “alledge” phone call. Listen to Jimmy’s interview with Flex from yesterday after the jump.

7 Responses to Jim Jones Calling A Truce with Cam’ron?

  1. Sunshine says:

    Ughhhh, Jim Jones is officially wack!

  2. Big Homie says:

    Hey Shavonne

    Cam’ron > Jim Jones


  3. Anonymous says:

    dam juelz is on sizzurp!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    camron all the way Jones u ain sh*t wit out killa cam

  5. maurice says:

    cam put niggas on real talk

  6. maurice says:

    cam put niggas on real talk jim got the call on his ma wall phone niggas know

  7. jasin morris says:

    hey jim u gonna be cool with cam’ron we all know he is the leader n cam don’t f**k up with ur niggas n ya all gonna b kull.

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