OJ Da Juiceman ft. Lunch Millions – I Trap


Don’t know what the crazyness is for over this guy…a guy name OJ Da Juiceman at that, but I figured some of ya’ll might fuck with this and any reason for me to post that picture above lol. Look for the track after the jump.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

9 Responses to OJ Da Juiceman ft. Lunch Millions – I Trap

  1. benhameen says:

    cant be mad at dude he gettin money obviously…

  2. LAdiie SpyDa says:

    can i have five dollars (lol) but 4 real

  3. Anonymous says:

    o ok i c u……dis cute i sware imma cum lookin 4 u …u gone b my future…..i love u

  4. Anonymous says:

    thts all one’s

  5. NunyadamnBizness. says:

    miy bby dont carry all 1`s yuu betta qet up on qame. we qot pockets full of faces but we carry nothinq undaa $20. cause we aint undaa$$ ppl. holla atchaa trill quhh if yuu qot a problem!

  6. keepit100 says:

    shut upbitch

  7. NunyadamnBizness. says:

    yuu qot me fucked up dont call me a bitch cause he makinq moe monee den yuu

  8. brea brown says:

    u is so cute oj juiceman

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