Want a Free Haircut from Meth & Red?


Well not cut by them personally because they would probably fuck up your cut even when not they’re not high. However, Method Man & Redman are both  holding an Easter celebration event  providing free haircuts for the kids under 12 years-old at the Shaolin’s Against Da’ Grain barbershop in Staten Island, NY  from 10am to 6pm  on Saturday, April 11. Clifford and Reggie not only will be hosting this event, but will be speaking to the kids as well *blank stare*  How to proberly roll a blunt maybe??  XXLMag.com reports:

“We have wonderfully loyal customers and felt this was just another way of rewarding them during these unusually hard economic times,” Tariq, a barber at the shop said in a statement.  “A single mother of three boys spends a weekly average of $33.00 on their hair cuts making it difficult to keep her kids hair freshly trimmed. With Easter Sunday the following day, we felt it was the perfect time to team up with our celebrity friends and create a unique solution based on old traditional values while helping our community.”

Definitely for a good cause. For information on this event  call 718.981.3597. Speaking of cuts, I think it’s about that time for me to get a cut myself. I’ve been going on 3 weeks now without a cut or shape up.

3 Responses to Want a Free Haircut from Meth & Red?

  1. Urban Rican says:

    Is all that necessary? How many other rappers are giving back especially during these economic times? They sure seem to be doing more than you are…

  2. Big Homie says:

    What are you talking about Urb?

  3. benhameen says:

    somebody didnt get their plantanos or tamales today…what do puerto ricans eat anyway? Did I kick it so that ju know??

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