Juelz Santana – Street Hustlers Thoughts


Juelz Santana – Street Hustlers Thoughts

Nothing street about this pic here, but the eye candy does it justice for this post. A joint from Young Splashy Splash. Skull Gang album coming soon.

One Response to Juelz Santana – Street Hustlers Thoughts

  1. Mathew Ihnat says:

    Hellou Julko!Welcome int the Svit city,city of dreams.I want know the name of girl in the middle,with very very beautiful nice smile,daj mi cislo na nu!Na globtel ked ma,bo Cuban nema kredit uz!Vdaka!and kradnem botasky:-)I am from Slovakia,i am gansta raper,I have 52 pozreti in youtube,i am so paid!S pozdravom Dj Perinac and Calamd Lolos six-prsty,file ! 🙂 bey bey ma men!

    Ta chcel by som poziadafky na nu,mala by byt priatelska,nemala by sa stratit domacim pracam,deti a nadherne velke stehno neni prekazkou!AHoj!

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