Gucci Mane Comes Home This Weekend


I know a lot of people are going crazy over this. Gucci Mane will be released early from Fulton County Jail sometime this weekend. Back on Sept 12, 2008, Gucci was hit with a 1 year bid for probabtion violation after only completing 25 hours of the 600 hours of community service they he got from an assault charge. Gucci will be graced by friends and family this weekend to celebrate his return home and is set to record a mixtape that will be hosted by Dj Holiday and feature guests such as OJ Da Juiceman and my mistress Nicki Minaj. Like Max B, I have no idea why I fuck with Gucci Mane’s music, but it’s just good music.

Wish me luck April 21 because I might do a possible 30 days.

Free SHYNE!! Free Remy Ma!! Free Prodigy!!


5 Responses to Gucci Mane Comes Home This Weekend

  1. benhameen says:

    Naw Homie that aint going down…cant have every writer on this blog with a criminal record.

  2. Big Homie says:

    I wouldn’t call it criminal record…just a bad record lol

    I got a very good lawyer…3 Gs lawyer who is the best in the county and got me off last time. He might bring it down to my first offense, but we will just have to see.


  3. benhameen says:

    Shyne comes home this year or early next year!! remy ma….and prodigy looks like he has lost his damn mind.

  4. Big Homie says:

    Yea the game definitely needs Shyne Po

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