Shooting at Beanie Sigel Show


EDITOR’S NOTE: I just wanted a reason to post that handsome young guy on the far right

Well I’m just surprised and glad that Beans was not involved. Word has it that over the weekend, there was a shooting at a nightclub in Philly, where the Broad Street Bully was performing and celebrating his birthday. Some people just do not know how to act these days inside the club.

According to Philadelphia Daily News, police said that 24-year-old Tyheem Baker was shot in the upper left chest around 1 am Saturday morning (March 7) after getting into an argument with two unidentified men.

Baker, who was rushed to a nearby hospital and is in stable condition, told police he did not know the men who shot him.

Police revealed that prior to the shooting they were called to the club after a fight took place outside the venue. They also said that the club’s video-surveillance system “mysteriously

Spotted at Six Shot


6 Responses to Shooting at Beanie Sigel Show

  1. green eyes says:

    lmao…. classic, big homie knows everyone

  2. benhameen says:

    this kid…FAME!!!!!! (c) David Bowie!!! greenie when you gonna come join the massive!!!

  3. green eyes says:

    which massive benha?

  4. Big Homie says:

    *sniffs Greenie’s panties*
    *puts in pocket and walks away*

  5. benhameen says:

    lol thats so gross homie…the PDS massive!! we got Big Homie on the crew now as you can see….

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