How did you feel when you first heard: The Notorious B.I.G. ?

biggie graf

The first time I heard him was when I walked into the record store in Houston and my boy who always put me on to the newest, handed me a 12″ single with BadBoy on it. He simply said go home and listen to this now. I took it home and honestly didn’t listen to it. I came back to the store a day or so later and he asked me immediately did I listen to it? I said no and he gave me the dumb face, which he would give me a few years later when I asked him was Raekwon’s first LP was any good, and said nothing else. I went home and immediately threw the single on. Now Juicy didn’t really get me I liked it but it wasn’t really what I was looking for in Hip-Hop. I flipped the single over and played the bonus track, Dreams. continued after this….

As I sit back relax
Steam a blunt, sip a Becks
Think about the sexy singers that I wanna sex

That’s about as far as I got into the record before I had to pick the needle up. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard music that was so powerful so momentous so fucking incredible that you had to take a second to collect yourself. That’s how I felt right then. I couldn’t understand how his voice could sound like that. The break “Blues and Pants” by James Brown, was already one of my favorite bits of funk, but his voice sounded like no one I’d heard over it. I had to relax and take a second before I could continue. 

I’d probably go to jail
For fuckin’ Patti Labelle
Ooh Regina Belle, she’d probably do me swell
Jasmine Guy was fly
Mariah Carey’s kinda scary
Wait a minute, what about my honey Mary?
The jeans they fittin’ like a glove
I had a crush on you since Real Love

uh. uh is right. I could probably go on for days telling memories about Big, but it’s this one here that will always remain my favorite. I had no idea what he looked like and I could care less. I posted this over at facebook so below I’ll include some of my peoples responses. You can give your own in the comments section.


Timothy J. Byrd at 3:01pm March 9
‘Unbelievable’, the B-side to Juicy sold me… best lyric to me though, is his last verse on Tracy Lee’s ‘Kepp Ya Hands High’ – play hard like Regiie Miller/rapper slash dope dealer slash gorilla slash illest turn iller.

 Kamal Flucker at 3:06pm March 9
How about I heard of Biggie Smalls right, way back in the day. So I went to musicland to by the single. Keep in mind, I had never seen what dude looked like and really didn’t know anything about him. I just knew that I liked a song that the cook was playing back in the kitchen when I used to work at Bennigans in Hampton. So I go and buy the joint, but what was in Biggie Smalls – “Nobody rides for free”. I think he was from CA, classic. I think he may be the reason he had to change his name. You may be able to google him.

 Mario Wimberly at 3:19pm March 9
Big may have spit his best 16 ever on Tracy Lee’s joint now that i think about it! ” I got a new mouth to feed….”

 Ayanna Baker at 4:40pm March 9
Benha…payin homage. Respect.

 Jamaica Nyce at 5:28pm March 9 via Facebook Mobile
That Shakespeare probably was black just high yellow. Biggie (and Slick Rick) are poets… storytellers much like Shakespeare.

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