Dj Armstead – SOUL BROTHAS (Pete Rock Tribute)


This is a nice mix by the homie Dj Armstead. He goes in with the Pete Rock joints with this one right here. Nuff classic nineties joints all mixed (really mixed like a real dj none of that AAAAND IIII yelling stuff here) together nicely with some crispy cuts thrown in for effect. Respect the architect. Link and tracklisting after the jump.


DOWNLOAD Dj Armstead – SOUL BROTHAS (Pete Rock Tribute)



2 Responses to Dj Armstead – SOUL BROTHAS (Pete Rock Tribute)

  1. Michelle says:

    The last time I saw you was on 125th in Harlem after james Brown ascended or descended? Just wanted to say i hope that you are not mad or upset with me. I do not hold anything or wish any bad towards you. I know when i was at Howard we had some issues. I am still writing and recording. Hopefully, I will always be doing music. However, I like the album idea and would like to buy a copy. Tell me how? Also, can you add me as a friend on facebook?


  2. benhameen says:

    Um Michelle or Ahnyx this isnt armsteads blog but he is on facebook….

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