Koko Dozo

koko dozo

It’s been a while since some music came my way that I really have to put a big co-sign on so you know it’s lil special when I say this. LISTEN TO THIS GROUP. Based outta NY they have some of the funkiest dance music I’ve heard in a while as well as some extremely dope ballads and social commentary sprinkled in their as well.Plus mama’s voice is straight insane. Once again I don’t know who to compare them too but you need to hear this. I’ve included a link to their whole LP, Illegal Space Aliens. Stop reading these words and go listen. Face on the Dance Floor is a favorite but the whole thing is fierce. Don’t sleep. 

DOWNLOAD Illegal Space Aliens

One Response to Koko Dozo

  1. ian says:

    The music is pretty challenging stuff for casual listeners in this microwave/bubblegum music era we’re currently living in, but homegirl has a helluva voice.

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