What is The Greatest Hip-Hop Skit of All Time?

dr-dre-the-chronicIt’s gotta be $20 Sack Pyramid…or….

I’ve been asking these type questions over at the other site where I run ish. I get tons of comments over there and wanted to see if I can get some more responses over here. So without further ado….after the jump some of the comments from the other site.


Damien Oliphant at 11:13am February 17
All the Mad Rapper skits on No Way Out. That shit still kills me when i hear it!

 Tia X Meettheconnect at 11:14am February 17 via Facebook Mobile
thats a hard one. Cash Money used 2 have some funny ones. But i really enjoy listening to Bernie Mac on Kanye’s College Dropout & Late Registration.

 Mario Wimberly at 11:16am February 17 via Facebook Mobile
little brother,Percy Miracle

 Dane Smith at 11:16am February 17
Naw Def Any Redman Skit……..from Muddy Waters or Doc’s tha name…SuperMan Luva and more……

 Damien Oliphant at 11:16am February 17
That not really Bernie though. It’s D-Ray Davis doing his bernie impression.

 Marwan Alameh at 11:16am February 17
doggystyle skits r always da best… n i cant remember da album but wen hes like “da cops r commin… put da dick behind ur head…” lol

 Benjamin Benhameen Johnson at 11:16am February 17
hmm yep its up there. I go with De La Soul is Dead the album interludes. That or Eddie Griffin on 2001. Or the 20 Sack Pyramid on the Chronic. Or the Robin Leach impersonator on Death Certificate. or…

 Benjamin Benhameen Johnson at 11:17am February 17
“da cops r commin… put da dick behind ur head…” lol
2001. classic. You like harold melvin without the blue notes.

 Terita Murphy at 11:29am February 17
all you dye…is this s*it right here, and this…so it’ll be like blue and cream.

 Rudes McGann at 11:30am February 17
Woodrow is hands down the best skit off of the Supreme Clientele album from Ghostface! “You think I ain’t gotta gun cause, I’m a crackhead? Suzie throw my gun out the window!”

 Mario Wimberly at 11:31am February 17 via Facebook Mobile
death certificate robin leach..”5000 G” in the british accent..lol

 Adam Padilla at 11:31am February 17
De La Soul is Dead had the best skits. ‘HATED IT… They’re starting to sound like MC Shan I don’t like it. This shilznit is kinda widdack man’

 Marwan Alameh at 11:32am February 17
u never go platinum!!!

 Okunlola Fabunmi at 11:42am February 17
when raekwon said “Yo where my killa tape at?”, DMX wit that “its me, mickey” that “dont got me get me” from the clipse first album
but the funniest were
the 2 biggie joints from ready to die when he’s makin it wit that chick and she like “you fried chicken eatin” whatever the hell she said and the one when he’s gettin head and the girl’s like i never done this before 
and the GZA samples from liquid swords which made me catch up on the lone wolf movies and shaw brothers joints were pretty influential too especially the shaolin vs llama joints

 Benjamin Benhameen Johnson at 11:44am February 17
yeah those biggie were great. and the shogun assasin joint off gza is classic. Choose the sword.

 Benjamin Benhameen Johnson at 11:45am February 17
..”5000 G” in the british accent..lol …..i cant even repeat the rest of that skit cuz of how foul it is but “strawberry showgirls”

 Benjamin Benhameen Johnson at 11:47am February 17
oh the skits on the biggie album the best that ever did it. available here r impressive.http://pleasedontstare.com/

 Adam Padilla at 11:49am February 17
Pun-‘packinamackinthebackadeAc’… Doc- ‘uncle quilly can i have quarter’… GZA- ‘Mr Greico good to see you good to see you good to see you’…

 Okunlola Fabunmi at 11:49am February 17
yo we laughed so hard and rewound that ready to die tape so many times we had to buy it again! yeah i said tape!

 Okunlola Fabunmi at 11:50am February 17
pacinamac was hilarious too!

 B Austin Hustlers Laureate at 1:11pm February 17
It’s a tie…all wu-tang skits…

 Dio Neblett at 1:24pm February 17
2 many to name. this should be a catergory at the hip hop awards if it is not already 🙂 

Biggie “So after i s@i#s on the b&t@H” 🙂 

Fugees: The Score; Talent playing the chinese food store owner “I f&c@ing represent”. 

A personal favorite is Snoop on 2001 “Word on the street, word on the street, n$g@a i don’t give a f&c@ bout a word on the steet.”

Both the ‘God’ and ‘Where are my panties’ skits from Andre 3k “The Love Below” Album.

 B Austin Hustlers Laureate at 1:26pm February 17
YO!!!!! ok Dio…so I took the easy route…DAMN I forgot about the “chinese restaurant”, BIG’s “so after…” and Dre 3 stacks…

Ben what up!

Dio what up!

 Okunlola Fabunmi at 1:31pm February 17
“i want my chicken wings fried hard as shit!”

 Dio Neblett at 1:42pm February 17
Well you know i always gotta rep for my favorite rapper Andre 3k :). 

Hey come to think of it Kanye doesn’t do a bad skit either. I like the one where he’s in the fraternity and they dude is spazzing on him because he bought some new shoes :). And even though it was not on the album i love the way he had Tracey Ross and Nia Long in the Kiss the Sky video 🙂 

Big B. Austin, what’s poppin w/ ya. Bout to hit you on the friend request my dude. 

Ben what a gwan bredren?

 Anthony L Williams at 3:04pm February 17
$20 sack pyramid, 1st chronic album, hands down, though

 Benjamin Benhameen Johnson at 7:11pm February 17
great answers all around
but mr. greico on the gza album is sooooo classic. Yeah we have the cash we know cash rules everything….your man is down at the precint singing like a **** bird!!

6 Responses to What is The Greatest Hip-Hop Skit of All Time?

  1. ycthechamp says:

    C’mon how can these people forget the great:

    “I’ll fucking staple ya asscheeks shut and keep feeding you and feeding you and feeding you and . . . “

  2. thekid101 says:

    i think the public service anouncment intros 4 eminems first 2 albums really funny.

  3. thekid101 says:

    and the stick up skit from muddy waters lol

  4. dbryan says:

    whats the name of that skit when them niggas were clownin on that chick and one nigga kept saying “you’re gonna suck the dick”

  5. jstylez says:

    animal thug

  6. DG says:

    that drag-on skit when they throw the guy in the wheel chair down a hill used to make me laugh. drag-on sucks other than that skit though.

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