The Leaders of The New Cool – Play My Sh#t! (Mixtape)


Gordo Brega and Rock Mikey are the Leaders of the New Cool. You may know Rock Mikey from his work with UCB, one of the premier G0-Go Bands from the urea. This ain’t no G0-Go Mixtape though this is that straight Hip-Hop crack music. DMV stand up!!! and oh yeah we back!!! link and tracklisting after the jump.

DOWNLOAD The Leaders of The New Cool – Play My Sh#t! (Mixtape)


  • 1.Young Jeezy – Put On
  • 2.Fuck Haters Feat. Suge(Produced by Charlie Brown)
  • 3.Pull Up Skit
  • 4.Pull Up(Produced by Charlie Brown)
  • 5.Fast Lane Skit
  • 6.Fast Lane Feat. D’Angelo(MKDB4)(Produced by DVS)
  • 7.I Got’em(Produced by AB DA Producer Studio 43)
  • 8.Like GO GO(Produced by Terremoto)
  • 9.Solo skit2
  • 10.Soap Opera
  • 11.Uptown Feat. Garvey(Produced by Charlie Brown)
  • 12.RAT(Produced by BJ Remix KingZ)
  • 13.We Getting Money
  • 14.Time Flies Feat. Rush(Produced by Charlie Brown)
  • 15.Money Skit
  • 16.Money Ain’t a Thing Feat. Peeps(Produced by Charlie Brown)
  • 17.Wartime Feat. Rush(Produced by Dj Xclusive XM Radio)
  • 18.Real Talk Skit
  • 19.Transformers(DC RAP) Feat. XO(Produced by Charlie Brown)
  • 20.Mz. Kitti Outro

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