Joell Ortiz – Onslaught (Live In Philly)

February 1, 2009

My Stanism for this guy continues. props to OS.

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Super Bowl Sunday: GI JOE (TV Spot)

February 1, 2009

Okay I wasn’t very impressed with this one but I figure it makes a nice triple play with the last two posts. so here you go. Yo Joe! or knowing is half the battle? If they say that line in the movie I will jump up and cheer.

SuperBowl Sunday : Star Trek (TV Spot)

February 1, 2009

Same thing I said below applies here but extend this one to 70’s babies as well. I can’t lie I’ve always been a Star Wars over Trek fan but this looks like it may be very good.

Super Bowl Sunday : TransFormers: Revenge of the Fallen (TV Spot)

February 1, 2009

EDIT: They are taking these down so watch it quick. Im not gonna keep uploading these vids.

Come on now its Transformers. Need I say more? If you’re not down for this revoke your 80’s baby/where they made you at membership now.

Lil Wayne x Pharrell – Ay Man

February 1, 2009


I’m not sure what this is off of. Sounds like Pharrell did the beat he drops a verse and then wayne goes in. The chorus is from Jeezy’s verse on the They Know remix. Props to


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