Obama : Week One

January 25, 2009


“What an opportunity we have to change this country,” the Democrat told his senior staff after his inauguration. “The American people are really counting on us now. Let’s make sure we take advantage of it.

In his first week of office President Obama made several moves to overturn the policies of the Bush administration while at the same time not straying too far from the middle line. He signaled that he will close Guantanamo within the year but did not say how it would be done. He also ordered closed any other black-ops prisons abroad and ordered several veteran specialists to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. He made only one move that caused rumbling from the conservatives  and that was a lifting of a ban on giving federal money to international groups that perform abortions or provide abortion information. Here are several articles from around the net with more information. Oh and he kept his blackberry. like a true g should.

 Obama girls adjust to the spotlight.

President Obama’s  First Week.

 DL Hughley discusses Bush legacy. (Video)

 Obama’s first full day takes a turn for the weird.

Pam Gentry, of BET News; Abderrahim Foukara, of Al Jazeera and Marcus Mabry, of The New York Times discuss the historic week in politics. (Audio)

And last and definitely least FAUX news gives it’s fair and balanced reporting.

Lil Wayne – Prom Queen

January 25, 2009


Lil Wayne rock starring it up. This version is tagged up so dont expect the cd version for another few weeks days hours at least. 

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