James Toback’s Tyson: The Movie (Trailer)

I’d heard about this a while ago but here is the first look that I’ve seen yet. Looks like it’s a winner. Best Line? I could just rob that white boy….

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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4 Responses to James Toback’s Tyson: The Movie (Trailer)

  1. meyebeauty says:

    There is nothing more special, than having your greatness acknowledged. But success is a double edged machete, when you have unresolved personal issues ! Hopefully he has changed !

  2. dr. sabree says:

    no kidding….that line rocks. mt is like a magic 8-ball of gems like that.

  3. benhameen says:

    dr sabree!!!!! how you doing doctor! i got something coming tommorow for you so check back here. and meyebeauty that may be the realest thing ive ever read.

  4. Bizzo says:

    My favorite Tyson line:

    Talking about when he was in Japan…

    “I was poppin bitches like skittles”

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