Shark Biters

Like I said before I have no problem with people using video footage that I put up here, everything will be watermarked from now on so it’s not an issue. What I do have a problem with is these FAUX news talking heads taking my footage and then using it out of context. 

While I do think that the word n*gga is thrown around way too much at an event celebrating our first African- American president I wouldn’t go so far as to say that because we have elected an official we are now on an even playing field. While the field has been slightly leveled it is nowhere near where it needs to be. I also have to say that if I saw Bush throwing shoes at him would probably be the only thing I could do that wouldn’t get me killed or incarcerated. Face facts he was a terrible president who will only ever get any credit once he’s dead ala Nixon. Even then I will stand by what I say now the day he left was one of the greatest days ever for me. I would have rather had McCain win than see another day with that idiot/genius running the show. But thank god that didn’t happen either. My President is Black!  

One Response to Shark Biters

  1. Big Homie says:

    Or you Bill O’Reilly, you only rylin me up (c) Jay-Z

    Fuck Bill O’Reilly (c) Me

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