Jay-Z – My President is Black Remix (LIVE) 1-18-09

Watch. Repeat. You saw it here first. one more day Mr. Bush. props to DJ Armageddon and my damn self.

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24 Responses to Jay-Z – My President is Black Remix (LIVE) 1-18-09

  1. PHENOMENON says:

    Nice. I wish I was in D.C.

  2. benhameen says:

    im so blessed to be here.

  3. jon jon says:


  4. Mr.Londoner says:

    crazy.. if they dont release the remix soon, someone failed..

  5. […] PleaseDontStare was somewhere in DC last night when Jay and Jeezy went into this extremely dope remix of our current national anthem. Boy do I hope a CDQ drops soon. […]

  6. […] PleaseDontStare was somewhere in DC last night when Jay and Jeezy went into this extremely dope remix of our current national anthem. Boy do I hope a CDQ surfaces soon. […]

  7. MTTM16 says:


  8. Shaka says:

    Hot like fire!

  9. ian says:

    Nice one! This is what blogging is all about!

  10. benhameen says:

    props from Ian? its a great day folks…i cant stop watching this video and I was there!

  11. Big Homie says:

    Which is why I’ve been saying Jay is the GOAT since ’96

  12. millertime says:


  13. Erica says:

    He killed it! =)

  14. Nugget says:

    Damn – Z is stickn it to whitey 4 sure!

  15. Dio Dot O :) says:

    Large up Jiggah. He puts it down continuously. My boy Barry is officially in office and its time for a new day my dudes. We got our party on my dudes now lets get to work on building and giving back to our communities in a real way. One Love Ben, keep doing you thing home boy.

    One Love

  16. […] inauguration evened everything out. Fuck you O’Reilly. How about you pay my man Benhameen for that performance footage you jacked off the internet and used in your broadcast without his […]

  17. […] video below is in response to the footage of Jay Z doing this song live in D.C. […]

  18. Ty says:

    Damn if only Nas had showed up so he and Jay could’ve performed “Black Republicans” also.

  19. Dio Dot O :) says:

    Ty that would have been nuts. Dude i get my treadmill on every morning to that joint. its inspirational music my dudes. That joint went over some cats heads but its a classic. “Can’t turn my back on the hood i got love for them!!!”

  20. benhameen says:

    Yessir it is. If Nas had come out I would have slapped someone.

  21. […] Obama would approve of [the performance]. I think it was low class." (Youtube) During the show, Jeezy introduced his popular song, "My President is Black" with this rant."I wanna thank two people," Jeezy told the crowd. "I wanna thank the motherf*ckers overseas that […]

  22. I do not think I can agree with Mr. Londoner,About to issue a remix, it’s not always easy because there are other things related not to forget,As preserving the song, not spoof it obviously important not to lose yourself.

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