The latest music video of the tanzanian rapper FID Q. Shot on his trip to germany in december 2008. Watch out for the upcoming album FID Q – DARWINS NAITMEA ! props to my boy Aris. Worldwide love over here…..

4 Responses to FID Q – I AM A PROFESSIONAL

  1. Angel Devils says:

    His tigh and the big is sick yo… damn so good to see TZ boys making it big. Keep up the good stuff

    luv it

  2. Mike S says:

    Amazing talent. the flow and the way he’s riding that beat is crazy. I dont even understand what he spittin but i can definetly feel the vibe! i need to hear more stuff from him. Has he got an album out?

  3. eddie says:

    the guy is real hot n fantastic, he deserve 2 b called greatest super star of tz hip t hip hop, ” usinitreat kama second class person utakua umefanya first class mistake eeh” strong lyrics, kip it up meeeeeeeennnnnnnnn
    the rock city natives

  4. Best Baraka says:

    Br uko up kinoma! “Napause kama koma kwenye sentence”

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