Street Fighter The Movie Trailer


Couldnt steal it off the site so go here. Be forewarned it’s in Japanese. I hear they are going to CGI Raul Julia into this, which is almost as disrespectful as him being in the first one in the first place. Top it off the original was his last movie ever. Jeez let the man rest. go here to see the trailer. I have to warn you in my humble opinion it looks kinda weak. and no ken or ryu? wtf?

3 Responses to Street Fighter The Movie Trailer

  1. okun says:

    i’m unstoppable in all capcom fighters (open challenge)

  2. benhameen says:

    whoa thats big talk. you on xbox live? cuz thats a done deal in any street fighter version. I dont eff with those sped up later joints but whatever whenever….

  3. okun says:

    actually i am on xboxlive keeshaplayshalo (my mans girlfriend was just as dedicated to halo 3 as me and him so i dedicated my acct to her)
    i only have cvs2 and svc chaos though and i’m pretty sure svc chaos is the only one i have with me right now but we can get it in on that joint anytime.

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