For The Ladies


A couple of sick ass colorways for the ladies…and for the small footed peeps out there. Me I got the size 13’s no what I mean? eff around hit you with the hennesey…..if you dont know then go here. more pics after the jump. spotted at the beast.





6 Responses to For The Ladies

  1. Anonymous says:

    perfect ><

  2. Anna says:

    o nike de cerejas é lindoooooo ‘ de mais

  3. Mike says:

    You should go to -they have 100% authentic shoes really cheap!

  4. Anonymous says:

    che belle li voglio anch’io

  5. debora says:

    como compra o mais coloridão ?

  6. EVA says:

    y las nike de colorines sabeis ahora alguna tienda por barcelona donde las pueda encontrar??

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