Z-Ro – Top Notch & You


Okay I just got a few joints from Z-Ro so I’m gonna have to break it down into a few posts. He’s claiming to be the most slept on rapper out of the south, and we are gonna have to change that over at PDS. Dude is fire point blank period. He’s got the Pimp C sample on this one so it’s first up to bat…. Instrumental and Acapella as well…

EDIT: I had to throw in this other joint You. He’s saying some real ass shit on this one. wow. acapella and instrumental as well.


DOWNLOAD Z-Ro – Top Notch


4 Responses to Z-Ro – Top Notch & You

  1. Mr. H town says:

    say I respect what u put up about ro he is such a great talent out here in Houston, he just don’t got no good support team cause dude should have been went platinum he has at least 15 albums out right now and I use to have all of them but somebody broke into my car and took all my z ro cd’s so thats how much he is luved out here in Houston, and trust and believe I have got my collection bacc up but its hard as hell to find his cd’s there not just in ur local stores u have to go to underground spots around Texas to find his music but I have just recentlt got in touch wit his newe management team and they r on the right tracc wit him so expect sum new material and if u want ro in ur town get at me on my website I have the connection theres always a fee….

  2. Justin says:

    Why do you gotta go underground. His shit is easy to find on limewire.

  3. Anonymous says:

    ha stupid niggers being stupid like niggers….

  4. Logan says:

    Man you shouldn’t be bootleggin ro’s shit..i understand not bein able to afford payin for it but if anyone deaerves the money from their music it’s ro..To the first comment, he could have been famous a long time ago. He wants to stay undergroung that’s where his people is he don’t need the rest of the bullshit he has what he needs where he needs it.

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