Stat Quo – The South Got Something to Say (Mixtape)

almost but not as good as the mixtape.

I searched all day and night for that audio from the Source Awards buy could not find it, so here’s the new Stat that we have all been waiting on. Yeah all 46 of us. I kid I kid. The boy Stat is sounding hungry, if only he would just skip whatever else he is doing and drop this album he’s working on with Dj Toomp. Until then…. as always track listing and link after the jump. I refuse to put his wack ass cover up.

DOWNLOAD Stat Quo – The South Got Something to Say (if something goes wrong with this link ill reup)

Track Listing
Time 2 Get Paid (Produced by Lyrics)

J Newt Speaks 1

The Dirty

The Sun (Produced by Illtone)

What It Is

That’s Me

Fuck U

Im Sorry

Gutta Shit

J Newt Speaks 2

Act Up

Deez Nuts Skit

Go Ham (Produced by Ty Cutta)

Let The Beat Build Freestyle

Dear Summer Part 1

Dear Summer Part 2
***Bonus***  Dear Summer Part 1 (Ipod Video)  

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