LOST Season Five Trailer

Okay Okay Alamo, I’m going to go watch Season Four starting today. This has gotten ridiculous. I can’t even watch this video for fear of seeing something that I don’t know about.

3 Responses to LOST Season Five Trailer

  1. green eyes says:

    i love tihs show. season 2 started to lose me, but its def back on tracks
    whats good benha

  2. benhameen says:

    chilling greenie good to see you around these parts havent seen you on nah lately….

  3. izikavazo says:

    If you’re craving Lost come visit my blog Not Confused Just Lost, here: http://ncjl.wordpress.com/
    I did a huge analysis on the season 4 finale and I’ve been rewatching all the old episodes over the break.
    Also I have a large collection of theories, check em out here: http://ncjl.wordpress.com/current-theories/
    Seeya there,
    – izi

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