Guess Who’s Back? Pt 2 Terry Tate vs Sarah Palin

Terry effing Tate that’s who. If you don’t know about Terry Tate then just watch from the beginning and you’ll get it. Personally I’ve been waiting to see something like this since Mrs. Palin stepped on the scene. The video is after the jump so click and watch for the bumrush at 0:46.

This editing is very well done too I have to say.

5 Responses to Guess Who’s Back? Pt 2 Terry Tate vs Sarah Palin

  1. ycthechamp says:

    Fucking hotness!!

    The editing was damn good “Baby!” Glad to see some new Terry Tate hilarity.

    Terry Tate is also a character in Gears of War (Augustus Cole) and seeing this makes the wait for Gears 2 even more insufferable

  2. Blood so juiced! I love Terry Tate. Back in the day at the office, me and my boy would watch all his shits on the under when we shoulda been workin. His joints are soo classic. You made me hella nostalgic- Ima have to go make some chocolate milk and watch them rerun.

  3. Hey bruh just thought of Jigga quotable for ur tagline: “Yeah you shinin’ but the only thing you leavin out, ur a candle in the sun, that shit don’t even out.” Maybe just the second part of that quote. Just a thot.

  4. benhameen says:

    thanks coolhand ima run with that

  5. […] I’m late but I need some political stuff this morning so this is it. I’m still watching this over and over so I’ll have to get to the Robot vs Letterman […]

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