Is there anything a young black female won’t do for money?

Ok this shit here is just TOO MUCH!

I don’t know how to even feel about it, as it reveals a level of individual self-hate as well as disrespect for black men that’s on another level.  I have seen women do some depraved shit for a dollar bill, but really what the hell won’t some people do for money?

Even if its staged, just the idea of the imagery is just wild!  Peep the shirts and the concept, the ‘message’ is what is disturbing to me.

Ladies, I would love really LOVE to read your thoughts on this bullshit HERE (be mindful, its X-rated images)

4 Responses to Is there anything a young black female won’t do for money?

  1. benhameen says:

    yo the link is dead. so hopefully you saved the pics…great gif of the bad boys though.

  2. benhameen says:

    okay fixed the link. and before recshop says something lemme say it, it’s not like black men don’t disrespect themselves enough too. Selling taking drugs whoring around lying and cheating on their women the list goes on and on. This is typical right here nothing new about it its staged someones getting paid and I could probably show you a lot more disturbing porn than this. Oh wait no I couldnt I dont watch the stuff.

  3. lifeisannoying says:

    so firstly i don’t really care.
    .how is this site any worse than the conventional Bm/Ww intteracial porn where the ww calls the man a N!$$a or a coon. it’s just coming from another bullshit perspective.

    so lets be clear, the woman is probably making a whole heap more cash than she would working in retail but if it was about black men banging the hell out out of southern white women, no problem right? men are so bogus!!

  4. benhameen says:

    men are so bogus!!

    well said

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