Respect Due



Bury Me A G

Damn this sucks. First the Fat Boys break up now this. RIP to the man and peace and blessings to his family. I grew up watching VHS tapes of his movies. Even my first DJ name (signified) was taken from his routines.It’s hard to imagine a greater joy than that of hearing someone called a rat soup eating muthafucka. The world is a less funny place. Some youtube stuff after the jump for the uninformed. Word up though go out and buy the DVDs. 

2 Responses to Respect Due

  1. YC the CHAMP says:

    I have the first Dolemite joint on VHS and back , way back when it was cool to have some bullshit on your answering machine I had a clip from his second film “Dolemite: The Human Tornado” on my machine.

    White Goon #1 – He’s not here!
    White Goon #2 – Well where is he?
    Dolemite – Breathing Down yo neck!!!

    Dolemite was the KING of:
    * the roundhouse kung-fu kick that showed a lot of air and never connected, yet still managed to send his opponent flying

    * cussing a gatormouth, no business barring, junkyard rat soup eating muthafuuuUUCCCKKKAA! -out

    * having more sex and whooping more ass than the thin plots of his films allow

    * and being so bad that they are good laugh-out-loud hilarious

    The Dolemite, Rudy Ray Moore, was raunchy and bawdy GangsterPimpDrugDealer-but-not-really and what every black male teen needs along with a healthy diet of Superfly, Black Caesar, and Truck Turner. When it comes to rapping, he was “through with it, before you knew what to do with!” He would deliver his comical essays and observations with rhyming cadence and a large dose of insults and muthaaaaafuuuuUUUCCCCCKKKAAAAS!

    R.I.P. Rudy Ray Moore, The Dolemite

  2. Big Homie says:

    How could you post this picture with a straight face?

    Classic picture


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