The Overstanding on the BLUEPRINT 3

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Okay just got the news on the new LP. The Tracklisting on the internet is completely false, with the exception of possibly Most Kings but even that has been changed as Jay gave Chris Martin the original verse for a Coldplay song. Kanye West produced the entire album with a sound that combines the best of Kanye, Swizz, and Dilla. Think about how Swagga Like Us has the vocal sample with the Swiss Effect, the drums of Dilla by not being on some straight up boom boom bap sound, and the Electronic/European sounds of the keyboards used on the swagger joint.

Timbaland originally said he was doing the album, at which point Kanye flew to Germany to meet up with Jigga, gave him one beat cd with fifteen or so joints on it and after that it was a wrap. Kanye then flew to Hawaii where Jay was working and from there they knocked it out. The sound is not Love Lockdown so don’t worry about that. It’s more about some hardcore Hip-Hop with a bit of Hardcore Rock and Electronic. It will definitely satisfy the heads while appealing to the eclectic cats.

As far as now there are no rapping features on the LP, but Cee-Lo Green of Gnarls Barkley is singing the hook on one track. Another song about Brooklyn features Santi White aka Santogold, an up and coming artist out of New York. Kanye sampled one of her songs and Jay then brought her in to redo the vocals. While other producers have been trying to get their work on the album the sound that Kanye is bringing is so different from what he has been doing that its damn near impossible to get anyone who is matching the same sound without them hearing what he has been doing.

I think from the news that I got is that he is gonna change the game again with the sound of this album, and while that has been said before remember Jay has already done this at least twice, once with the bling sound of the Neptunes and again with the original Blueprint.

49 Responses to The Overstanding on the BLUEPRINT 3

  1. BKScribe says:

    all kanye… it’s bound to be better than the shit storm american gangster was

  2. Big Homie says:

    Thank God that tracklist earlier was a farce. Good lookin out on the info Ben-ha. So far this is going to a crazy album.

    *daps BKScribe*

  3. benhameen says:

    whoa american gangster is banging…

  4. benhameen says:

    hey i got dap daps big homie and bkscribe thanks for coming by.

  5. benhameen says:

    i leave mo comments than anyone else

  6. eskay says:

    >>all kanye… it’s bound to be better than the shit storm american gangster was

    ^what is this guy talkin about?

  7. Big Homie says:

    American Gangster was a solid album. It was cohesive imho. The only thing I did not like about the album was “I Know”. I know it may cater to the ladies and it is somewhat a club hit, but that is the only track on that album that I skip. The Hitmen did their thing on that album.

  8. Big Homie says:

    No doubt. Thanks for breaking this post into paragraphs. I didn’t mean to be picky, but reading all that in one paragraph hurts the eyes when high as fuck.

  9. Ty says:

    Man I luv reading about inside information like this…

  10. benhameen says:

    no problem homie…and i know being high off the dank will close those eyes right up
    Im not sure about this layout anyway may change it tommorow is black on white better than white on black?

    and what up ty

  11. Big Homie says:

    I like this layout for some reason….lol

    But yea…the white background with black font is easier to read though.

  12. benhameen says:

    yeah im about to buy the upgrade and redo the whole site. its popping off in the 08.

  13. w0RD says:

    so…is this legit?

  14. Phenomenon says:

    all kanye… it’s bound to be better than the shit storm american gangster was

    ^ ^ ^
    Are you serious? “American Gangster” was great.

  15. Rich Yung says:

    yo how do you know all this, where you work at???

  16. Rich Yung says:

    just asking so I know if i believe you or not, no shots…

  17. EnglandRepresent says:

    Benny’s an industry chap so he gets the lowdown early. Ain’t that right Benjamin? Anyways this would be the foist Jigga album I’ve been anticipating since The Black Album especially if Kanye is producing the lot. This is a good look for you Benjamima, like it. And what up son? And if you get that interview with Guru tell him EnglandRepresent said that ‘We Got Gunz’ and ‘Get Ya Rep Up’ and hard to the core. Classic material.


  18. EnglandRepresent says:

    Benny don’t tell me my shit is in moderation? Say it ain’t so Ben. I’m not ‘avin it. Get my shit up there pronto chap.

  19. EnglandRepresent says:

    Yeah yeah yeah alright my bad. It’s up. Pop shit apologise ninja.

  20. Big Homie says:

    LOL at Eng. What it is? Oh wait, I know …

    Black Album > Ready To Die


  21. BKScribe says:

    lol @ the AG related responses… im jus tryin to be facetious, but..

    co-sign what eng said… this would be the first jay album anticipated since the black album

  22. Rich Yung says:

    AG >>>>>

  23. That might be true because Santogold said she would work with Jay-z, so that is definitel true but where do you know that? Are you affliated with Jay-z or what?

  24. benhameen says:

    what up england word phenonmenon rich yung. And I’m no industry cat I just know people that know people. So yeah this is true.

  25. NYHC81 says:

    besides AG & the Blueprint I couldn’t name 3 songs on a Jay-Z album since 1998. the Black Album was so bad it was funny.

  26. Phenomenon says:

    besides AG & the Blueprint I couldn’t name 3 songs on a Jay-Z album since 1998. the Black Album was so bad it was funny.

    ^ ^ ^
    SMH. . .Stop listening to Hip-Hop.

    [And “The Black Album” is a classic. The whole time around “The Black Album was. What record were you listening to?]

  27. saul goode says:

    I’m ready. Is it still a December release?

  28. benhameen says:

    the Black Album was so bad it was funny.

    ^ what? good rock smoked?

    I’m ready. Is it still a December release?

    as of now yes.

  29. green eyes says:

    american gangsta wasnt bad.

    im moderalety looking forward to this. i need hungry jay though, not “look at how much better i am than you jay”

  30. benhameen says:

    im moderalety looking forward to this. i need hungry jay though, not “look at how much better i am than you jay”

    one and the same?

  31. THE-XFACTA says:

    Yo this is some good shit


  32. T.I. says:

    they swag owe my swag everythang

  33. benhameen says:

    thanks x-facta

    hello t.i.

  34. HipHop22 says:

    Skipping “I Know” on AG? smh…

    Ill song, ill metaphors, were you listening my friend?

  35. benhameen says:

    yeah but that song still doesnt really fit in the overall scheme of things on the LP.

  36. emmethawkins says:

    Album sounds like an instant classic…any news on a release date?

  37. benhameen says:

    probably decemember or january.

  38. Baby Bobby says:

    Jay-Z has definately changed the game (musicly) a few times in the past. I remember my first time listening to “The Dynasty” album. I’ve never been big on beats before, in my history it was always lyrics that dominated a song for me (and Im from LA- raised off of Dres G-Funk era). The Dynasty album put that to an end for me. The beats was stealing the show from certain rappers, as oppose to just being a backdrop Was Just on that mutha fucka? I know ‘Ye had a joint or two. For me it was The Dynasty that kicked off the new era of beat making.

  39. benhameen says:

    wow the dynasty? thats not a typical choice. but then again it does bring in the bling era of beats with I just wanna love you. one of the best ever when you”e talking club bangers

  40. Typically, when one guy produces a whole album it comes out sounding kinda well redundant. But Kanye is a different animal so that leaves me hopeful. FYI–American Gangster was probably his best album since Blueprint 1–Black Album was ehhhhh….aiight.

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  45. Anon E. Mous says:

    Looks like he’s never gonna work with Premo again. KanGAY is his official DJ now.

  46. okun says:

    Yo if you didnt comment on this thread, who tf are you and why should we care? j/k Everybody and they mama saw this one.
    I can’t wait for this album and i really hope they make a video for S.L.U. b4 tip goes to jail.
    Jay does have a knack for changing the game.
    Is it safe to say he is the oldest relevant hiphop artist? relevant to the mainstream that is…

  47. benhameen says:

    Is it safe to say he is the oldest relevant hiphop artist? relevant to the mainstream that is…

    easily. Another way he has influenced Hip-Hop culture is he has made it viable to be an old head still rapping. Game says you thirty eight and still rapping ugh…but in the old school a rapper of Game’s age would already be irrelevant for the most part. In the long run Kingdom Come will probably gain a lot of accolades for its depiction of a legitimately wealthy Hip-Hop artist who has achieved what every emcee desires. Then to return with AG? come on now…

  48. lagos boi says:


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